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Previously, you told us that you want the ability to control communication of new Office features to your users. A few months ago, we announced the generally availability of Office What’s New management capabilities that give you control of your users’ experience with the What’s New section of the Office desktop app Help pane.


Today, we’re excited to announce that a What’s New in Office Apps (also know as Office What’s New management) card is now available in the Microsoft 365 admin center. The Home page of the Microsoft 365 admin center is customizable, and it allows you to add cards for tasks that you perform frequently, such as user management, reviewing Message center posts and service health information, and working with Microsoft Teams.


What's New in Office Apps card in the Microsoft 365 admin centerWhat’s New in Office Apps card in the Microsoft 365 admin center


The Office What’s New management card shows the latest versions for each channel, and it provides an easy way to access the Office What’s New management page.


Office What's New management cardOffice What’s New management card


An admin with the Global admin or Office Apps admin role can add the Office What’s New card to their Microsoft 365 admin center Home page to monitor Office releases. The card notifies the admin of the latest and upcoming version releases for each channel, along with the upcoming release content.  New features appear in Office What’s New Management based on the schedule documented here.


The Manage button on the card takes you right to the Office What’s New management page. Clicking a Channel row takes you to the filtered view for that channel, as shown below.


Office What's New management - filtered viewOffice What’s New management – filtered view


We’re continuously adding new features to the Microsoft 365 admin center based on your feedback, so be sure to keep it coming using the feedback options within the Microsoft 365 admin center! You can also reach us here to give us feedback specifically on the Office What’s New management features.


–Office What’s New Management team

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