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Dr. Ware, located in Charleston SC, is a comprehensive Internet development and marketing company. Our approach to Web site design and development is not the same as most design firms. Our emphasis is on the overall Internet strategy which includes


Effective, intuitive, and attractive design that works on all devices and platforms to support your brand and your customers.


Scheduled projects, regular updates, daily communication, to bring the project in ahead of schedule and on budget.


Integrate the Internet strategy into daily workflow and thoroughly train workers.


Bake marketing into the site, train marketing concepts for content, execute marketing plan across all social media assets and search engines.

An effective Web site is a part of a more comprehensive Internet strategy. For a retail store it doesn’t mean just having an attractive shopping cart. It Means:


By SELLING products online you’ll convert site visitors to buyers




SUPPORT customers by managing the relationship beyond the sale.




BUILD relationships with online customers by continued one-to-one marketing efforts.



INTEGRATE your web site into everything the store does, including marketing, events, flyers, and daily communications.

Without a comprehensive Internet strategy a Web site often becomes just an island that few people visit. Success on the Internet requires planning, persistence, and skill. Give Dr. Ware an opportunity to demonstrate to you what we have already done for many clients and what we can do for you.


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