ASL (American Sign Language) Translation

American Sign Language

What is ASL Translation?

Not to be confused with Interpreting, ASL Translation requires something in written form. Interpreting on the other hand never involves anything written.  


  • Quick turnaround for the translation of emails.  
  • Translation of documents, employee handbooks, and manuals.
  • Translation of websites.


Have other translation needs?
Please reach out and we will be sure to make it happen. 

What do we do?

We offer ASL Translation. We take anything written and turn it into a beautiful finished ASL video translation. We can also take an ASL video and turn it into written English. 

Video Remote Interpreting

American Sign Language

Dr. Ware uses its state-of-the-art VRI (Video Remote Interpreting) technology to provide professional and confidential sign language interpreting remotely. VRI is particularly beneficial in an emergency where an interpreter cannot be there in person.

Dr. Ware’s system has a significant advantage because there is no special software or tools to purchase. Instead, we have invested in buying all necessary software and a dedicated media server, eliminating clients’ added expenses. 

Cultural Mediation

Cultural mediation is an integral part of any interpreting assignment. Not only does ASL present a language difference, but a cultural difference. We use cultural mediation to resolve issues and facilitate conversations between deaf staff members and hearing staff members. Our consulting includes awareness presentations to foster effective communication in the work environment to make sure everyone feels valued and included. 

Dr. Ware Social Marketing Director

Meet Jenna

Jenna, our American Sign Language (ASL) translator and consultant at Dr. Ware, is well respected and highly trusted in her field for her immense fluency and understanding of the language and culture of ASL. Jenna was born and raised in Charleston, SC and currently lives in Miami, FL. Jenna proudly credits her childhood friends for teaching and instilling within her a love and passion for ASL. Several years of interpreting for her childhood friends inspired an illustrious career of professional translating, beginning at age 17. Jenna earned her ASLPI Proficiency Evaluation from Gallaudet University (Level 4/5) and trained under Nationally Certified Interpreters. During her career, Jenna has worked professionally as a Translator and Interpreter in numerous settings such as universities, hospitals, corporate environments, performances, and emergency dispatch centers. Jenna is an asset to the Dr. Ware team for her deep understanding of language, effective communication, and accessibility. She brings her vast knowledge and experience into all aspects of her work to provide the highest quality user experience to all Dr. Ware staff and customers.