Increasing social engagement is more than a matter of posting content to your social channels. To effectively reach your audience through social media, one must take stock of your personal or business assets, skill sets, and persona. These attributes translate into valuable data that can apply to direct other marketing decisions. There is no one set way to achieve a helpful online presence which is why we are committed to finding the right combination of posting, engagement, and analysis to fit your small business needs. We create content for all platforms and through all mediums that provide analytics and drive lead generation. These days, how a company presents itself online and through social media matters. Customers and potential clients build a sense of initial trust based on the level of effort and professionalism you show online. Part of Dr. Ware’s mission is to share with others the variety of services your small business offers. Get in touch today.

Dr. Ware Social Marketing Director
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Meet Grace

Grace is a College of Charleston grad, with a degree in international business, and she’s the director of social marketing here at Dr. Ware Technology Services. What is most important to our clients is that Grace understands business. Her metric for success is converting marketing efforts into profit – not just clicks and likes. She understands business is about exchanging valuable products or services for money. She also understands this exchange can only take place when others are aware of your products or services. She knows marketing is not a sum-zero game. If the marketing strategy does not yield a gain that exceeds the cost of marketing then it’s a failed strategy. The formula we use is simple: marketing >> leads >> opportunities >> customers >> profits.

Although we use the term “social marketing,” because it’s widely understood, we prefer the phrase “social engagement.” We invite you to read more on this topic: