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Dr. Ware is an ever-changing technology services brand with over 20 years of helping small businesses. We change to adapt to the ebbs and flows of the tech world to offer the highest quality product or solution for your business’s needs. We are passionate about creating efficient, accessible, and successful businesses through our ASL translation and ADA compliance work and our various services in marketing strategies. We are also in the field of Business Intelligence, meaning we can turn raw data into valuable insights. On top of this, we are Microsoft Silver Partners, which means we are qualified and well-practiced in helping customers solve their most significant issues through Microsoft’s business technologies. Our business thrives when yours does. We are a small business helping small businesses.
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American Sign Language

At Dr. Ware Technology Services we enjoy long rich relationships with our clients, from coast-to-coast, and some of them for over 20 years. Our niche is small business. We work exclusively with small businesses. We take a holistic, business-first, approach to information technology. We’d love to discuss your processes with a view to deploying technologies that will bolster productivity, simplify your workflows, centralize and secure your information, enhance communication and collaboration, and garner insights through business intelligence reporting. We’re entrepreneurs and we understand the challenges small businesses face just as we understand the importance of keeping an eye on the bottom line.


American Sign Language

We’re passionate about small business technologies of all kinds. We also love puzzles like, “how do I get my point-of-sale to talk to my accounting system?” Or, “How can I access all my office files from home and on my iPhone?” The bigger the challenge the better we like it!

We’re also passionate about assistive technologies. A culture of inclusion is baked into the way we think. Our goal is a level playing field so everyone can contribute to and enjoy the same opportunities. For example, this site is 100% ADA compliant. If you’re interested in finding ways to increase accessibility to your site please contact us. We’d love to help.




American Sign Language

We’re a Microsoft Silver Partner which means Microsoft has certified us on a high level to sell and support their solutions. We love working for Microsoft because no other technology company in the world is so focused on small business technologies. With Microsoft 365 we’re able to implement the holistic philosophy within the vast Microsoft ecosystem. You’re likely already using Microsoft 365. You may be very familiar with Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. However, did you know that your subscription may include over 20 other applications you’re not now using? Applications like SharePoint, OneNote, Sway, Teams, Stream, Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate, OneDrive, Delve, and many more. Let us show you how to leverage the power of Microsoft 365.

Get To Know Us

Scott Muniz

Scott Muniz

Founder & CEO

Meet Scott Muniz, founder, and CEO of Dr. Ware Technology Services. Scott has served an illustrious career in the technology industry, getting his start in the early 80s through Orlando Tech. From the time of his early education and on, Scott received a first-hand account of the tech industry’s various trends, successes, and failures. An entrepreneur from day one, Scott founded and led several successful tech companies while also serving as the Systems Engineer and Developer for the local business, Hill Construction. In 2007, Dr. Ware started in the Charleston area serving small businesses with business technology solutions. Scott and his team are committed to answering the toughest of questions and solving the most challenging problems for the small business community, coast to coast. A certified Microsoft Silver Partner and skilled I.T. problem-solver, Scott is a community leader with the body of work to prove it!

Grace Finlay

Grace Finlay


Grace is a College of Charleston grad, with a degree in international business, and she’s the director of social marketing here at Dr. Ware Technology Services. What is most important to our clients is that Grace understands business. Her metric for success is converting marketing efforts into profit – not just clicks and likes. She understands business is about exchanging valuable products or services for money. She also understands this exchange can only take place when others are aware of your products or services. She knows marketing is not a sum-zero game. If the marketing strategy does not yield a gain that exceeds the cost of marketing then it’s a failed strategy. The formula we use is simple: marketing >> leads >> opportunities >> customers >> profits.

Jenna Restuccia

Jenna Restuccia


Jenna, our American Sign Language (ASL) translator and consultant at Dr. Ware, is well respected and highly trusted in her field for her immense fluency and understanding of the language and culture of ASL. Jenna was born and raised in Charleston, SC and currently lives in Miami, FL. Jenna proudly credits her childhood friends for teaching and instilling within her a love and passion for ASL. Several years of interpreting for her childhood friends inspired an illustrious career of professional translating, beginning at age 17. Jenna earned her ASLPI Proficiency Evaluation from Gallaudet University (Level 4/5) and trained under Nationally Certified Interpreters. During her career, Jenna has worked professionally as a Translator and Interpreter in numerous settings such as universities, hospitals, corporate environments, performances, and emergency dispatch centers. Jenna is an asset to the Dr. Ware team for her deep understanding of language, effective communication, and accessibility. She brings her vast knowledge and experience into all aspects of her work to provide the highest quality user experience to all Dr. Ware staff and customers.

Loren Brown

Loren Brown

Data Analyst

Loren Brown is a Data Analyst and asset at Dr. Ware! Loren is a highly achieved academic, earning an Associate Degree in Art and Science from Trident Technical College at 17. She later double majored in Business Administration and Hospitality and Tourism Management, earning a Bachelor of Science by 19. Loren was the valedictorian and youngest graduate of the HTMT program. During her years in school, Loren owned and operated her own business as a piano teacher and tutor. After graduation, Loren gained several skills in business management, operations, and customer service while working in the Restaurant and Catering industry. Today, Loren provides the Dr. Ware team with her knowledge of analytics and a creative perspective on solutions for our clients and company. One of Loren’s many abilities includes conversational fluency of American Sign Language. Loren is a dedicated and hardworking communicator and team player.

Some Of Our Satisfied Clients


Scott is a brilliant & talented technician with a well rounded range of knowledge in the business and technical side of the I.T. field. He has proven to be an asset to all companies that has consulted with him, and he provides superior solutions to complex computing issues. He is a people person, with the personality to get along with an entire office or enterprise. I highly recommend him for any position or contract that you may be looking to fill.

Quincy Prioleau

Security Professional

From working with him for many years, I know that Scott is a talented web producer, network administrator, and all around technical manager. I owe him for getting me started on the path toward owning my own business.

Craig Coffman

Engineering Manager, Instagram Shopping at Facebook

Scott is a man of many talents. Whether he is working in information technology, communicating with the deaf, or teaching, Scott demonstrates an amazing work ethic and a sincere concern for others. He is a gifted speaker and communicator, having presented talks before audiences numbering into the thousands both in English and in American Sign Language. In working with him, I have come to appreciate his intelligence, sharp technical skills, organization, and ability to lead and motivate others. His great attitude and kind nature make him a pleasure to be around and an inspiration to others.

Cara Mueller

Accounting Financial Analyst, SANS Institute

I have had the opportunity to work with Scott and his crew over the last couple of years. Scott is excellent to work with, he is extremely knowledgeable on many different platforms and applications. I would highly recommend Scott to anyone looking for assistant. I would also note that his permanent positivity and CAN DO attitude makes him a pleasure to work with on a daily basis.

Craig H.

San Francisco, CA

Scott helped me set up my company's 365 for business.  He was very tentative and was always able to answer calls during the process.  He even found some solutions to some other tech issues we were having.  The transition was smooth and I appreciate all of his help!

Mike T.

Goose Creek, SC

I have been in business for over 35 years and Scott is absolutelyone of the best professionals I have ever been associated with!! Ifyou think this is hyperbole, just call me at 305-496-6788 and Iwill provide unequivocal evidence! Hans RestucciaHansrest@me.com

Hans Restuccia


Scott is a hard worker, helpful, dedicated to the work he does. Ihave worked with Scott for six years and I have learned so muchfrom him. I would recommend Scott for any endeavor he pursuesbecause he always finds a unique way to get the job done.

Karla Ibigbami

IT Consultant

Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend Scott Muniz for all of your computer and technology needs. I worked with Scott on several projects over the last few years and have found that his knowledge and technical support was top-notch, second to none, and with impeccable business ethics. There is no question in my mind that Scott Muniz and Dr. Ware Inc will prove to be a major asset to you and your organization. If you require additional information, please feel free to contact me directly Greg Allen Active Technologies, LLC 706-612-0735.

Greg Allen

Owner, Active Technologies, LLC

Dr. Ware Technology Services excels at developing programs and strategies that have delivered tangible results for clients. I have enjoyed collaborating with Scott, Carlie, and the rest of the team on social marketing and lead generation projects. This company shows a sincere interest in its employees and the solutions to their client's problems. Scott has built this business on strong long-lasting relationships.

Grace F.

Scott and his team have been keeping us safe, secure, and moving forward with technology for decades. From our web design to our network systems. They are always willing to help and take the time to work thru any issues you or your team have.

Valerie M.

Mount Pleasant, SC

We have worked with Dr Ware for almost 3 years or more now and would highly recommend for your computer support and IT Managed Services!

John M.

San Francisco, CA

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Scott Muniz to fulfill any of your technology needs. Scott is a rare breed of IT professional, able to communicate with his clients in a non-technical manner that makes us feel less inept while still efficiently providing solutions to our problems. Unlike some of his counterparts, Scott is extremely personable and his patience knows no bounds. He is always readily accessible via email or phone whenever I contact him, even after hours and on the weekend. His honesty and integrity is beyond reproach. I have worked with Scott for many years without disappointment and I consider myself fortunate to have him as a colleague and a friend. I’m sure you’ll be glad to say the same.

Melanie Alkire

Accounts Payable, Hill Construction

Scott has been and continues to be the consumate professional. We have worked with Scott for several years and he always goes out of his way to accomodate our needs. Our problems are solved in a quick, timely and professional manner.

Pam Mogle King

Lowcountry Innovation Center

I’ve worked with Scott for several years and continue to work with him on a number of Internet marketing projects. He also developed and maintains several custom software applications for us for customer relationship management, newsletters, email marketing, and the Web. He is dependable, honest, and trustworthy. I highly recommend him for any IT, development, or Internet marketing projects you may have in mind.

Mary Lake Davidson

Coordinator, Hill Construction

Dr. Ware is a great vendor to work with. They are very prompt and professional. I have had a number of issues that needed to be handled as quickly as possible and Scott has always risen to meet the customer's needs. What a great help and vendor to have on your side!

Joshua S.

Goose Creek, SC

Scott is one of the sharpest Tech guys in the business, and he has a great team. They are knowledgeable and quick to handle issues. Would recommend them for everything from Web design to network administration.

Michael G.

Myrtle Beach, SC