How to Use Microsoft Sharepoint to Improve Your Productivity

SharePoint is a document management system designed to make content easier to find, organize, search, and manage. It allows organizations to share information and resources with other team members and provides secure collaboration across devices.

 It is also designed to support legal and data management needs and offers search capabilities. Additionally, SharePoint integrates with Microsoft Office, allowing teams to work together on real-time documents and securely share files.

SharePoint is an excellent file storage platform for companies and organizations of all sizes. It allows users to share and organize information efficiently and is accessible on any device. You will need a web browser to access SharePoint. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox are all excellent choices if they have the latest version.

SharePoint offers several other features to help improve your productivity. OneDrive for Business is a cloud storage solution that allows you to store up to 5 TB of files. Your team can access and share these files anywhere. You can work on the same document simultaneously and even chat within the document itself. You can also quickly revert to previous versions if you need to make changes. Once you’ve made the final decision, you can download it and edit it. It is also an excellent solution for companies with multiple locations but doesn’t want to lose all of SharePoint’s flexibility. It is the perfect solution for businesses that require secure information sharing.

If you’re looking for a SharePoint certification, you’ll want to consider the MCSA or MCP exams. Both of these are available for professionals working in the tech space, and they’ll teach you how to integrate these features into your workflow. With an MCSA, you’ll learn the ins and outs of SharePoint and Office 365. It is also compatible with most third-party applications, such as Exchange. Alternatively, you can work with a Certified Microsoft partner like Dr. Ware to implement Sharepoint as a solution for your Business.

The features of SharePoint vary from user to user, and there are many versions available. In addition to a public version, there are free and paid versions. With a free version, you’ll be limited to what you can do with the product. It is possible to customize and modify your SharePoint environment using different software, and it is also possible to create custom web parts. Alternatively, you can use an on-premise server. Overall, there are many benefits to SharePoint.

ASL and Your Hands

ASL and Your Hands

As you can imagine American Sign Language (ASL) requires coordination. The ability to do two different hand shapes and two different motions at the same time. Not to mention adding body movement, eye gaze, and facial expressions all at once. Fluency in the language requires fluid movements of the wrists and elbows. One thing that gives a new learner away, is the lack of movement in their joints while signing. Often, new learners will put their elbows out which can make the sign even more difficult to do.

Did you know that if a sign hurts it means you are doing it wrong? ASL is not supposed to hurt when done right. Sometimes all that is needed is a tucking of the elbow or a rotation of the wrist. Although straining can occur when you are signing for many hours there is much you can do to minimize the strain starting with making sure you are signing the signs correctly and doing some stretches of the hands. Another way is finding more ways to say more with your face and less with your hands, using less signs to communicate the same meaning. With ASL being a visual language, you can incorporate so much meaning into the face and placement of your hands without losing content, tone, or intent. 

For some ideas on stretches to save your hands check out this video on YouTube:

If you know you will be signing for a long period, perhaps interpreting, make sure you stretch beforehand. If you are sitting, maintain good posture. Keep your hands soft and avoid hash movements. If you are doing a lot of fingerspelling, keep your wrist at a slight angle instead of straight ahead of you. Avoid signing too far out of your personal space. Keeping your elbows close to your body can also prevent fatigue or injury from signing. 

Applying these techniques can keep you signing!

American Sign Language – The Benefits of Learning ASL

American Sign Language – The Benefits of Learning ASL

American Sign Language (ASL) is the primary non-written language of Deaf people in the U.S. and many of Western Canada. ASL is an expressive and non-syntactic verbal language conveyed by facial movement and gestures with the hands and face. Data shows that over 33 million Americans use ASL to communicate with each other and a wide range of friends, family, and professionals. Many colleges and universities offer ASL courses and programs. They are provided primarily to individuals who wish to learn or improve their communication skills to serve their communities better and be of greater value in their personal, professional, and social lives.


There are many reasons that one would want to learn ASL. Some individuals have learned the language by observing spoken speech in Sign Language, while others have learned it from receiving hand signals from a caregiver or a book of signs. Many people take American Sign Language classes to become certified CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistant). Others sign up for audiotapes and videos of ASL expressions and gestures to memorize. Several people learn American Sign Language simply because they love the language and wish to improve their communication skills.


The National Association of Special Education Programs (NASEP) estimates that approximately 1.6 million Americans communicate in ASL. Of those individuals, about half are certified to administer American Sign Language at home or in a school/community setting. Sign language is becoming more popular throughout the United States as people learn the language or take ASL classes for personal or community benefit. There are many benefits to learning ASL:


One of the most obvious benefits of learning American Sign Language is that it is a hands-on skill that anyone can perform with any level of fluency. Compared to other common languages such as English and Spanish, learning American Sign Language has a higher retention rate because almost anyone can perform it. Individuals of all ages and from all walks of life can learn how to sign. Sign language users do not necessarily speak but rather make facial expressions, emotions, and body motions that look like words or sentences. Sign language users can communicate verbally with each other using only hand motions.


In addition to ASL visual elements, learners also benefit from speaking the language. Many studies show that reading books containing written speech improves reading comprehension skills, similarly, achieved by reading audiobooks. However, in today’s world, more individuals are reading text on the Internet. Because of this, many individuals are now able to perform “word by word” communication via the computer. Learning American Sign Language provides individuals the ability to read and understand spoken languages and allows them to communicate on a deeper level that only the spoken language can provide.


One of the main reasons people begin learning ASL is that they plan to take an American Sign Language exam, such as training from the American deaf exposure program. The information courses in ASL include a fundamental understanding of the language, posture statements, and vocabulary exercises. The position statement is essential in spoken languages, and it instructs individuals on how to position themselves physically to hold a conversation in an everyday setting. A posture statement is also helpful because it demonstrates how people who speak ASL stand in relation to one another, which is vital for an American Sign Language test.

How to Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

How to Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

When developing a new website, your first consideration should be the website design. A good website design covers the functional as well as aesthetic aspects of a site. While there are many options for designing a website, choosing the right one is crucial to ensuring that your customers enjoy your website from the first time they see it.

A website design that offers a clean layout and consistent content will help customers maintain a positive user experience. In addition, a clean design makes it easier to follow your site’s progress and promotes the look of professionalism while appealing to the senses. A clean design also allows you to add additional functionality such as shopping carts and news feeds.

Responsive websites are gaining in popularity because they provide the best overall value proposition. By offering an expandable and versatile design that adjusts itself to the screen size of every user, you are offering a solution to two of the biggest frustrations of web admins today: namely, not enough space for content and too much space for advertising. Therefore, when choosing your website design partner, it is crucial to ensure that they offer your ideal content management solutions, including fully integrated SEO and fully-featured responsive web design and development. Your partner should be able to incorporate both SEO and responsive design seamlessly into your website design and development solution.

Another excellent website design tip is to choose a partner that offers full integration with social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Social media has exploded in popularity over the past few years and is now one of the most popular ways to reach potential customers. In addition, today’s social media platforms have millions of users globally. By having a social media interface integrate into your website’s design and development, you can significantly increase your exposure to prospective customers while at the same time optimizing your social media pages for search engines. Furthermore, by offering links to your social media pages on your website’s design and development pages, you can improve your overall search engine rankings and get great returns on investment.

The latest trends are focused on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Smartphones have opened up a whole new world of connectivity and mobility, allowing users to access websites via their cellular phones wherever they may go. With this in mind, you should make every effort to ensure that your websites are accessible on these devices through a fully integrated or fully responsive web design and development. By doing so, you will give your current customers better usability and a more extensive base from which to explore your business and establish a positive brand presence.

When it comes to brands and promoting your products or services, social media is fast becoming the wave of the future. With the vast reach of social media, businesses can connect with their consumers in a completely natural way, thereby allowing them to form a unique bond. However, creating an online brand does not end at publishing blogs, uploading pictures, and sharing social media sites. The next step is to engage your audience and build a strong relationship through social media networking. To ensure that your website design and development optimize for social media, you should hire a professional SEO company to ensure that your brand stands out through a well-designed website design and development.

Microsoft Mesh – Cross Platform Connectivity For Mobile Enterprise

Microsoft Mesh – Cross Platform Connectivity For Mobile Enterprise

Microsoft Mesh is a new service that allows your enterprise and your social media to go far together, allowing users and customers to interconnect using a web-enabled mesh. This new internet-based service combines the advantages of social networking and collaboration together with business tools like enterprise mobility management, collaboration, and task management for a really multi-dimensional experience on the internet. Microsoft Mesh also enables groups to work together not just inside the scope of a project but also when creating tasks shared. It follows that group real-time and productivity tasks can be handled in exactly the same fashion across multiple network devices.

Multi-user capabilities extend beyond networking. Microsoft Mesh offers rich editing and publishing experiences for e-commerce, publishing, collaboration, and publishing of all documents in addition to data. A multi-user network can include anywhere from 1 individual to several hundred consumers based on the size of your network. Since Microsoft Mesh is cross platform and cross apparatus capable, it delivers a special opportunity to leverage the capabilities of numerous devices and browsers across your corporate network without any additional investments in software or connection.

For companies looking for a new way to connect with their clients and strengthen their business ties, the usage of Microsoft Mesh is a clear way for moving your company ahead. Employing this cross-platform social network you can achieve a highly targeted audience over several devices while at the exact same time increasing your revenue. The price and complexity of integrating this system in your company should be no problem at all, letting you construct your organization and reach your goals easily. Mesh is a powerful tool and needs to be leveraged for the current generation of mobile computing.

Microsoft Teams recognized as a Leader in Gartner UCaaS and Meetings Solutions Magic Quadrants

Microsoft Teams recognized as a Leader in Gartner UCaaS and Meetings Solutions Magic Quadrants

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Microsoft Teams has become the new way to work for over 115 million daily users who come together every day to meet, call, chat, and collaborate. Today, we are honored to be recognized by Gartner as a Leader for both Meeting Solutions and Unified Communications as a Service in their latest Magic Quadrants. Microsoft was…

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