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Voices of Healthcare Cloud is a webinar series that showcases how Healthcare is seeing positive business and clinical outcomes with cloud technology.


We bring new and creative solutions to you at least once a month, so we hope you tune in live or catch the on-demand recording after the session is completed. 


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We had a tremendous line-up of speakers/presenters this year covering a wide range of thought-provoking ideas. Here’s a quick recap of our sessions from 2022:


  • Hyperautomation in Healthcare, Beyond RPA
    Hyperautomation is a business-driven, disciplined approach that involves the orchestrated use of multiple technologies, tools or platforms. Research from Avanade highlights the need for organizations to adopt intelligent automation to jump-start lagging productivity and continue to differentiate with innovation.
    Jake Thompson, Global Black Belt, Microsoft
    Christiana Voelker, Healthcare Industry Lead, Avanade
    Geoffrey Hodgson, North America Intelligent Automation Lead, Avanade

  • Empower Health Team Collaboration
    Connect, engage, and manage your team with tools that help them provide the best possible care. Working in complex care environments means clinicians and other healthcare staff need access to tools that enable collaborative workflows. Learn how to empower your clinicians to schedule, manage, and conduct virtual visits, and securely deliver relevant information when it’s needed most.
    Adam Hallbeck, Health & Life Sciences Technology Solution Architect, Microsoft
    Scott Dwyer, Sr. Technical Specialist, Business Applications, Microsoft

  • Digital Consumer Experience in Healthcare with Dr. McGill
    Dr. Patrick McGillEVP, and Chief Transformation Officer at Community Health Networks, and Ellary Rose, Healthcare Subject Matter Expert from Microsoft share how they view Digital Consumer Experience for Healthcare. This is a lively discussion around how the healthcare industry needs to change how they create personalized digital experiences for their prospective and current patient populations. 

  • PHE is ending: How technology enables Medicaid recertification
    As the Public Health Emergency (PHE) draws closer, protecting Medicaid member growth is top of mind. Most new Medicaid members are low-risk but have never gone through a redetermination cycle. 

    Microsoft and Partner Sagitec discuss the Medicaid churn and how to:

    –       Engage members who have never done redetermination

    –       Use technology to meet members where they are at

    –       Educate and guide potentially ineligible members to marketplace plans

  • How TX Children’s uses Low Code development to improve quality of life
    Steve Adamo, an Application Architect at Texas Childrens Hospital, discusses how low code and citizen development have provided quality of life improvements for staff, nurses, physicians, and volunteers. Steve talks through a handful of examples of quality of life improvement solutions that have been implemented and how Texas Children’s is looking to expand citizen development to become a standard option for solutions.

  • Healthcare Device Manufacturing Inventory Management
    Michael Hobbs MBA, a Senior Technology Specialist at Microsoft, discusses medical device manufacturer inventory management. Suppliers managing their implants (drug-eluting stents, pacemakers, hips, knees) and mobile devices (lasers, IVUS) within a hospital is critical to day-to-day operations, with Microsoft’s platform empowering next-gen visibility to medical device manufacturers, we see many benefits, such as:    

    • Visibility of inventory (implants, pacemakers, etc.) all the way through patient usage

    • The ability for device manufacturers to automate inventory of trunk stock and inventory of hospital consignment

    • The ability for device manufacturers to track mobile devices located within a hospital 

    • The ability for device manufacturers to utilize FEFO, eliminate product expiration, excess inventory, etc.

    • AI/ML decision making, demand planning & supply forecasting

  • Delivering Modern Member Engagement Experiences
    In healthcare, member engagement is still largely fragmented as consumerism in healthcare grows. According to a recent Forrester study, only 22% of insurers have a single owner for overall member experience, and fewer than one-third have journey owners responsible for managing key experiences.
    Watch Jake Thompson, Global Black Belt, Microsoft and Sara Kloch, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Nuance unpack the concept in detail.

  • Optimizing Documentation in the EHR with Ambient AI
    Speakers share use cases for how ambient documentation works across specialties, care settings and the two organizations. They also show the AI behind the scenes to guide providers with clinical data in the EHR workflow, and the outcomes in relieving providers from the administrative burden of documenting while improving the patient experience.


    • Jared Pelo, MD, CMIO, Nuance Communications

    • Craig Richardville, MBA, Chief Information Officer, Intermountain Healthcare

    • Tyler Haberle, MD, FACP, Associate Chief Health Information Officer, Community-Based Care, Intermountain Healthcare

    • Michael Radtke, MD, MHI, Associate CMIO, Intermountain Healthcare (SCL Health)

  • Machine Vision Pilot for Central Line Dressing Maintenance
    Synaptiq’s Machine Vision Pilot Program for Central Line Dressing Maintenance is an example of how Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare can rapidly deliver a machine vision application that works seamlessly with care teams to help provide superior patient experiences.
    Synaptiq’s CEO Stephen Sklarew and Mariana Gattegno, Quality and Patient Safety consultant at Volpini Solutions LLC, discuss the current status of Central Line dressing maintenance in hospitals today, review the pilot program details, and demo the solution. They also answer questions and discuss how hospitals joining this effort will benefit.

  • “My Order” Supply Chain Bot

    Michael Hobbs MBA, a Senior Technology Specialist, and Amber Weise, Senior Technical Specialist at Microsoft, will discuss how chatbots can add value to the end user (nurse, clinical staff) by providing visibility to the status of their purchase order such as:

    • Order status proactive/easy notifications to end users

    • Oder status supplier confirmation email

    • Inventory status

    • Backorder status proactive/easy notifications to end users

  • Improve Supply Chain to Drive Higher ROI & Patient Satisfaction
    Healthcare industry Subject Matter Experts share their knowledge on how you can leverage solutions, Microsoft Power Platform, and the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare to improve your supply chain process, ROI, and patient and provider satisfaction. Hear from El Rio Healthcare and learn how their Supply Chain changes have positively impacted their ability to provide superior patient care and provider better support for their clinicians.  

    Pat Becker, Chief Strategy Officer Healthcare, Quisitive
    Suresh Krishnan, Chief Technology Officer Healthcare, Quisitive 
    Timothy Snowball, Director of Procurement, El Rio Community Health Center

  • Supply chain transformation in Health
    Michael Hobbs MBA, a Senior Technology Specialist at Microsoft, will discuss how visibility, MI/AI, demand and forecast planning can transform and digitize the supply chain driving improvements to the hospital’s bottom line


Closing out the year with gratitude for the gift of knowledge.


Happy new year!

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