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We are excited to announce some updates to our Viva Insights Meeting effectiveness report template that will enhance your experience and make the insights more actionable! As part of our ongoing commitment to providing valuable tools for our customers, we have reevaluated the insight naming conventions for this template and made some changes.


In our quest to enhance meeting effectiveness, we have focused on ensuring insights resonate with users. While the conclusions drawn from the data remain unchanged, you’ll notice a shift from a passive tone to a more actionable sense in our insight framing.


To improve clarity and eliminate confusion, we have revisited the names of several insights, making them easier to comprehend. We understand the significance of intuitive and understandable naming conventions, and addressing this issue has been a priority for us.


Existing insight name  New insight name 
Short and small  Large and long 
Advanced meeting notice  Short notice 
Attendee availability  Conflicting 
Joined on time  Joined late 
Ended on time  Ended late 
No multitasking  Multitasked 


New name descriptions and actionable takeaways for improved meeting effectiveness


1. “Short and small” is now “Large and long”: This insight highlights meetings that have 9 or more invitees and last more than 1 hour.

Action: Foster focused discussions and prevent attendee fatigue to ensure more productive and impactful outcomes.


2. “Advanced meeting notice” has been renamed “Short notice”: This change aims to emphasize meetings that have are scheduled with less than 24 hours of notice.

Action: Ensure that important meetings are scheduled with enough lead time to enable employees to feel in control over their days and sufficiently prepare for meetings.


3. “Attendee availability” is now “Conflicting”: This insight highlights meetings where scheduling conflicts are present amongst participants, potentially impacting meeting attendance.

Action: Identify and address scheduling conflicts, optimize attendee availability, and facilitate more productive meetings by effectively managing conflict commitments.


4. “Joined on time” is now “Joined late”: This insight highlights meetings where attendees were unable to join a Teams meeting within five minutes of the scheduled start time.

Action: This can be caused by back-to-back meetings that make it challenging for employees to take breaks and join the next meeting on time. Use the Shared meeting plan to automatically build in a few minutes between meetings to provide a short break. 


5. “Ended on time” is now “Ended late”: This insight focuses on meetings that exceeded their scheduled duration.

Action: Prompt participants to conclude discussions within the allotted time and ensure timely transitions to subsequent tasks.


6.”No multitasking” has been changed to “Multitasked”: This insight highlights the instances where attendees are sending chats or emails during meetings.

Action: Encourage attendees to minimize multitasking and prioritize focused engagement, enhancing meeting productivity and outcomes.


To see these changes, simply download a new version of the Power BI template from the product and load in data from a Meeting effectiveness query. All your existing Meeting effectiveness queries will be compatible with this new version. Any Meeting effectiveness reports that you have created before this update will also continue to work, however from this point forward, the prior version of the template will not be available to download.


We’re committed to continuously improving our products to better serve our customers. The updates to The Meeting effectiveness report template are rooted in research and user feedback, with the aim of providing actionable insights and eliminating confusion. We believe that these changes will significantly enhance your experience with our product and empower you to drive better outcomes in your meetings. We look forward to your feedback and encourage you to explore the newly refined template.

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