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Assume you have a Existing Cluster

Resource Group: oldsf-rg

Cluster name: oldsfcluster


Step 1:

Go to Resource Group(oldsf-rg)- > Public IP address resource ->Configuration

Ensure you have static assignment, if not yet (If its Dynamic, when you associate old Public IP address to new Sf cluster, the IP address will get changed)



Step 2:

Please delete all the resources from the resource group (oldsf-rg) except your Public-Ip address resource.

Note: Do not delete the resource group directly, rather I would suggest you to delete the each resources separately in below order one by one( Since some resource will have dependency)


  • Virtual machine scale set

  • Service Fabric cluster

  • Storage account (both)

  • Virtual network

  • Network security group

  • Load Balancer

Now you will be having only Public IP address resource under your resource group (oldsf-rg)


Step 3:

Please create the new SF cluster with your desired configurations

Assume New SF name : newsfcluster

Please Note: Both Old and New Cluster has to be in Same region.

Once successful.


Step 4:

Go to New Resource group -> Load balancer resource-> Frontend IP configuration( left pane)

You will be able to see a dropdown as shown below, where your old Public IP address will be listed.


Associate the New LB to Old IP address and click on “Save”

Deployment Starts, please wait till the Deployment succeeded.


Step 5:

Once successful, Please verify below:

Old Public IP address is associated with New LB resource


Old Public IP address with New VMSS


Now you should be able to RDP into new node using old Public IP address (IPaddress:3389 )


Try Accessing the SFX with Public IP address:


However when you click on SFX/Management Endpoint the one in Portal, you may get below Error:


Reason: Management Endpoint Domain is still pointing to Old DNS name which is no more resolving to Old public IP.



Step 6:

To map Management Endpoint Domain to New DNS name.

Go to new Public IP address resource -> Configuration

Copy the DNS value and Change the DNS name to some random value


And paste on Old Public IP address -> Configuration -> DNS name label


 Now Azure-Portal-> SF cluster should point to new DNS name and SFX link should be accessible:



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