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Following article describe how to configure Active Directory authentication on SQL Server running in Red Hat operating system using Red Hat Enterprise Linux Identity Management


Tutorial: Configuring Red Hat Enterprise Linux to allow Active Directory users to login to Microsoft SQL Server 2019 leveraging a trust-level setup between Red Hat Enterprise Linux Identity Management and Microsoft Active Directory.


Recently we found on SQL Server managed by Red Hat Enterprise Linux Identity Management, if we execute a high privileged command like create user first time it succeeds, if we try to add the user second time it fails with following error.


1>create login test102 with password=’test102′,check_policy=off


1>create login test103 with password=’test103′,check_policy=off


               Msg 15404, Level 16, State 22, Server sql-idm, Line 1

               Could not obtain information about Windows NT group/user ‘acnetsqladmin’, error code 0x80090304.

1> quit


 Redhat has acknowledged the issue and a fix is released in Red Hat 8.2

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