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Heya folks, Ned here again. Today I announced the new SMB over QUIC feature for Windows Server 2022 and Windows Insider at the Windows Server 2022, Best on Azure webinar. If you want to cut right to the chase, head to SMB over QUIC (PREVIEW) on Docs.


SMB over QUIC (Preview) offers an “SMB VPN” for telecommuters, mobile device users, and high security organizations. The server certificate creates a TLS 1.3-encrypted tunnel over the internet-friendly UDP port 443 instead of TCP/445. All SMB traffic, including authentication and authorization within the tunnel is never exposed to the network. Inside that tunnel, SMB behaves totally normally with all its usual capabilities.


Here’s a demo of turning on the SMB over QUIC feature & using it. 



To learn more about SMB over QUIC, see demos, and try it out for yourself, head over SMB over QUIC (PREVIEW) on Docs


– Ned “quick!” Pyle

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