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Ricoh will start supporting Microsoft Universal Print including native support with our Smart Operation Panel application, so customers can easily register printers in Azure AD for Universal Print.


Integrating Ricoh Smart Operations Panel MPS with Universal Print offers the following benefits to customers:


  • Administrators can distribute printers to Azure AD joined Windows devices. Devices users can print directly to the cloud-configured service from any Windows device when connected to the internet and authenticated to Azure AD (Active Directory).
  • Centralized print reporting capabilities allow IT admins to view print job history and usage reports.
  • Ricoh printers with native support of Universal Print will not require an on-premises print server or printer driver installation.
  • There is a function to set the user privileges, so users can only print to those printers.
  • Data is encrypted during transfer over the network and when stored in non-volatile storage.
  • Ricoh printers without native support for Universal Print can be use with the Universal Print connector to take advantage of the Universal Print benefits.

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