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Office 2019 is installed


FSlogix rules are applied to prevent  Office being accessed by unauthorised users


When the rules are applied , Word fails to launch. We see the splash screen and then it times out.


Excel /Outlook/ PowerPoint, Access and other Office apps all launch providing the user has entitlement



Word needs the SYSTEM account so this needs to be added.



However, when testing , Word still failed to launch. We still see the splash screen and then we exit. 


What could be wrong?


Cause :

After investigation, we saw that Adding the system account , Word would still fail. This is because The rule assignment for the SYSTEM account via the object picker is written for a Group and not User.


You can validate this by looking at the “.fxa” file that the rule editor writes out.

0x00000012     S-1-5-18                       NT AUTHORITYSYSTEM          0          0

The 0x00000012 indicates 

  • Its a Group

  • The Rule is not assigned

You may also have 0x00000011

  • Its a Group

  • The Rule is assigned

It should be 0x00000006 unassigned rule (you may also choose to have 0x00000005 assigned rule) both indicate it is a User assignment.



To resolve this , edit the assignment file (.fxa) in Notepad and change the setting :




To the following 



Word should now launch as expected.


This is a known issue and is scheduled to be fixed in the next release cycle of FSLogix 


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