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Hi Teams Community,

Our team is constantly hard at work to bring you Diagnostics to help troubleshoot and resolve the top issues we see in Microsoft Teams Support.  We’ve just released Teams Voicemail Diagnostic written by my teammate @TonyQ  Tony Quintanilla


If you or your users are having issues with Teams Voicemail, this Diagnostic is for you.  We check the most common causes of Voicemail issues in Teams including User Provisioning, Policies, Licensing, and Voicemail configuration.  


As always you can call the diagnostic directly in your M365 Admin Portal with by typing in Diag: Voicemail as in the following example: 



Here’s an example where a user didn’t have Voicemail enabled via policy:


And here’s an example where the User had Busy on Busy set.  Occasionally users will have Busy on Busy set and not realize it.  When BoB is set and the user is in another call (or joined to a meeting) any incoming calls will be rejected with a Busy signal.  Read more about that here: Busy on Busy is available when on a call



And of course the Diagnostic does a lot more than that!  So if you’re having trouble with Voicemail for a particular user, please use the Diagnostic as your starting point for troubleshooting. 


As always, we’re constantly working on new diagnostics and expanding our existing ones; for a full list, click here.  


Questions?  Comments?  Please post below and we’ll happily follow up!



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