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We are super excited to share the recent highlights that are now available!


  • Advanced eDiscovery and Advanced Audit now rolling out to GCC, GCC High and DOD
  • Yammer now fully available for eDiscovery including threaded review
  • Improvements in search performance and reliability including:
    • Search reliability improved significantly to 99.95%
    • Search performance achieved an 83% reduction in time to complete large searches
    • Collection throughput increased 5X to 50GB/HR
  • Bulk-add custodians to manage custodians in bulk
  • Advanced Indexing for non-custodial data sources
  • Expanded review set limits 3x (now 300GB per load and 3M docs per set)
  • Export improvements including support for direct-download model where content is zipped and available via browser (removed dependency on azure storage explorer), and enabled export to PST
  • Custodian picker performance improved 10X to sub-second response

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