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Ignite is just around the corner on September 22 and 23, and you are invited.  In this all digital event, there are amazing live and on demand sessions to learn more and connect.


First, if you are a IT Administrator, school leader, or anyone else looking to dive deeper into the technology available for your students, school or institution, register for Ignite 2020 here!


Next, check out these recommended sessions and links to join live or watch on demand. (You’ll need to be registered to see and sign up for sessions.)

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Device management with Intune for Education
  • Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams – Education specific sessions

Remote and hybrid learning with Teams for Education (On Demand starting Sept 22)

In this session, we’ll go in depth on everything you need to know for remote and hybrid learning, including how to create online meetings with the right meetings options and policies, how to create class teams through automation, and how to support collaborative classroom environments.


Deployment and Governance of Teams for Education (On Demand starting Sept 22)

Understand everything you’ll need to know for holistic governance for your educational institution. In this session we’ll cover chat policies, meeting policies, app policies, assignments through groups, how to configure student safety, and methods for automating team class creation.


Integrate with Microsoft Teams for Education App Platform – (On Demand starting Sept 22)

Teams is an open platform for educational institutions to integrate apps and create custom workflows.  In this session we’ll cover how the Teams app store is used across classroom teaching to integration with IT help desks. Learn about 3rd party app governance, open source app templates, and a hands-on example of App Studio to create a quick custom website app for your institution.


Apps and Workflows

Digitize and transform business processes with no-code building blocks and app templates in Microsoft Teams (On Demand starting Sept 22)

Organizations are already transforming many of their business processes on Teams – from approvals and task management, all the way to crowd sourcing the organization for top ideas.  Learn how to use embedded building blocks and production-ready app templates to digitize and streamline key processes.  In this session we’ll share how customers are leveraging these solutions without any custom development required, as well as how some recent innovations can help simplify these processes


Modernize business processes with the low-code Microsoft Teams + Power Platform integration (On Demand starting Sept 22)

Learn how Teams users can build and integrate custom apps, bots, automation, and data into Teams to simplify work.  Microsoft Power Platform provides Teams users with a low-code platform to build custom solutions, even if they don’t have any developer experience.  In this session, we will discuss how new Teams + Power Platform capabilities make it even easier to build and deploy custom low-code solutions to Teams, and share how customers are simplifying work with this integration.



Master virtual breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams meetings​ (On Demand starting Sept 22)

Join us to learn about the latest innovations with virtual breakout rooms in Teams.  In this session we’ll highlight use cases and best practices for facilitating small group ideation, brainstorming, learning, and discussions with virtual breakout rooms.


Make your Teams meetings safe and inclusive with meeting and video conferencing controls​ (On Demand starting Sept 22)

Join this session to learn more about meetings safety, security and moderation – including the ability to hard mute all attendees, request to speak functionality and configuring breakout rooms. We will also cover features like reactions and raised hands that can help make meetings more inclusive.


Leverage Teams to deliver engaging virtual events for your employees, customers and communities (On Demand starting Sept 22)

Join this session to learn how Microsoft Teams can seamlessly scale to help deliver events of all types, from company townhalls, to training webinars, to online conferences. We will also share vision and roadmap for features to help scale and customize your virtual meetings and events.


Managing Security and Compliance in Microsoft Teams – (On Demand – Save to Ignite backpack)

Delivering a secure collaboration experience is essential.  Join us for a review of the security and compliance features for Microsoft Teams from an ITPro perspective. Policy management, content management, retention procedures, communication compliances, and more will be covered. Come see the full compliment of capabilities for secure, compliant collaboration!


Build richer meetings experiences with Microsoft Teams apps using new meetings extensibility points (On Demand – Save to Ignite backpack)

Learn how developers can use new meetings extensibility points to integrate their Teams apps across the meetings surfaces – enabling apps to be used throughout the meetings lifecycle (pre, during, post) and provide users a richer collaboration experience within meetings.​


What’s New for Microsoft Stream and video in Microsoft 365 (On Demand – Save to Ignite backpack)

Join the product team to learn more about the innovations and roadmap for video in Microsoft 365.


Micrsoft Teams for Education Ask me Anything (AMA)

Finally, if you want to connect on Teams for Education, sign up for our Customer Connection here. This is a smaller setting (max of 30 people) to talk with experts and share your experience with other Teams for Education users. 


Device Management with Intune for Education

Device management sessions will go live with links once Ignite starts. Check out our session on Intune for Education and check for other Microsoft Endpoint Manager sessions.


What’s new in Intune for Education (On demand session – check back on Sept 22 for live link)


Request a meeting

If you’re interested in talking to a member of the Microsoft Endpoint Manager leadership team about your school district’s device management, request a meeting using this form.


Education Specific Device Management Learning Path

We’re also excited to announce that a new Education specific device management learning path on Microsoft Learn is coming soon. Check out current learning paths:

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge – State of the browser in 2020

Come learn about new security and productivity features and our continued integration with M365. We’ve been listening and learning from you and we’ll share how all of that feedback fits into Microsoft Edge.


Ask the Expert: Microsoft Edge – State of the browser in 2020

Join us Wednesday, September 23rd from 1:45pm-2:15 PM PDT to dive deeper into the State of the Browser on-demand session content and get your questions answered. Let’s talk about new security and productivity features, our continued integration with M365, and more. Join us


Looking for more? Check out for deep dives on Microsoft Edge.

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