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In May 2020, we discussed how to modernize servicing by introducing a new Monthly Enterprise Channel, and in September, we introduced new cloud-based admin capabilities to help IT admins service Microsoft 365 Apps for their organizations. 


This time at Ignite, we’re bringing you more! Learn what’s new and ask our Microsoft 365 Apps deployment experts any questions you have during one of our Office Hours Q&A sessions, or head over to the Microsoft 365 Apps discussion space and post your question there. Be sure to also check out the on-demand sessions, blogs, and Microsoft Docs articles below to learn more. 


Office Hours

Q&A with Office experts on deploying and managing Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise 


To support your efforts deploying and managing Microsoft 365 Apps, our team of experts will be hosting a Q&A series for IT professionals. We’ll discuss the new cloud-based management features available in the Microsoft 365 Apps admin center, such as inventory, apps health, security update status, and servicing profiles. 

Wed. March 3
9:00 AM CET

Wed. March 3
9:00 AM PT 

Wed. March 10
9:00 AM CET 

Wed. March 10
9:00 AM PT 


On-demand sessions 

Featured session: 
Manage Office apps deployments with tools & services (link to session coming soon) 
Speakers: Amesh Mansukhani & Javier Carrillo 


Managing Office apps updates can be challenging. End-users demand shorter downtime, network admins want lower bandwidth consumption, and operations teams need dependable insights on deployments. Satisfying these requirements was a distant dream, until today. In this session, learn how new cloud services provide improved insights into your inventory and app health, along with tools for automated deployments and control to increase your workload efficiency and lower overall management TCO. 

Insights and controls of Microsoft 365 Apps for admins (link to session coming soon) 
Speakers: Rebecca Keys & Reshma Kapoor 


With the increasing speed and complexity of moving to the cloud, IT admins are in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. We want to put our admins in the driver’s seat. In this session, you’ll learn about actionable insights and effective controls we’re developing in the Microsoft 365 admin center to make it easier for admins to manage monthly Office updates and leverage the user feedback signal on Microsoft 365 products to improve the health of their organization. 

How to onboard devices to the Microsoft 365 Apps admin center (link to session coming soon) 
Speakers: Bob Clements & Martin Nothnagel 


In this session, learn how to manage the life cycle of your Office applications. We will walk you through the Office installation, onboarding devices to the Microsoft 365 Apps admin center, registering with Inventory, and how to utilize Servicing Profiles.


Additional resources

Microsoft 365 Apps health – Deploy Office | Microsoft Docs 

Inventory – Deploy Office | Microsoft Docs 

Security Currency – Deploy Office | Microsoft Docs 


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