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Efficiently managing a contact center requires a fine balance between workforce engagement and customer satisfaction. The ability to create agent-specific capacity profiles in Dynamics 365 Customer Service empowers administrators and supervisors to fine-tune the work allocation based on an agent’s experience and expertise, optimizing agent performance and delivering tailored customer service. 

Understand capacity profiles 

Capacity profiles are at the core of Dynamics 365 Customer Service, defining the type and amount of work agents can handle, ensuring equitable work distribution. Profiles are even more beneficial when agents are blended across various channels. Agent-specific capacity profiles take this a step further, enabling customized work limits for individual agents based on their proficiency. Let’s explore this capability with an example. 

A real-world scenario: Casey’s challenge 

Meet Casey, a Customer Service administrator at Contoso Bank who aims to maximize the efficiency of her customer service team. She wants senior agents to handle more responsibilities, giving junior agents the time to focus on training and skill development.

Casey decides to use agent-specific capacity profiles for credit card inquiries in the North America region. She sets up a “Credit Card NAM” profile with a default limit of two concurrent conversations. She assigns it to Kiana, a seasoned agent, and Henry, a junior agent who recently joined Contoso. 

Customize capacity limits 

Casey recognizes that Kiana’s seniority and expertise warrant a different limit. With agent-specific capacity profiles, she can easily update Kiana’s limit to handle three conversations at a time. The immediate benefit of this approach is apparent. This balance allows junior agents like Henry to invest more time in training and development while experienced agents like Kiana manage a higher workload efficiently. 

Flexibility in action 

In the dynamic world of customer service, circumstances can change rapidly. Contoso Bank faces an unexpected surge in insurance-related queries. Casey needs to adapt to this evolving scenario promptly and this is where agent-specific capacity profiles truly shine. 

Casey has Kiana take on the additional insurance queries alongside her credit card queries. She assigns the “Insurance” profile to Kiana. She also resets Kiana’s work limit for the “Credit Card NAM” profile back to the default amount, providing her the bandwidth to handle the increased workload efficiently. 

The result: Optimal efficiency 

This example showcases the flexibility and real-time adaptability that agent-specific capacity profiles offer. Casey is empowered to make agile and precise work distribution decisions, ensuring that agents’ expertise and experience are utilized optimally. 


In the world of customer service, where every interaction matters, this feature is a game-changer. It helps organizations reduce agent stress, elevate customer satisfaction, and offer a flexible solution for modern customer service management. By embracing this feature, businesses can ensure that their customer service is optimized for excellence, regardless of changing circumstances. 

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