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Gallery! It is Azure Portal blade where you manage and use Azure Workbooks. We recently rolled out a new and improved experience :cool: for Gallery to make it convenient and meet growing demand for organizing, sorting, managing all workbook types – templates and your workbooks. 



Here are some of the salient features



1. There are 4 tabs to help organize workbook types 

  • All (default) is a composite and allows to search across these types. 

  • Public Templatesshijain13_0-1617410921636.png – Ready to use, get started functional workbooks published by Microsoft

  • My Workbooks shijain13_2-1617410985117.png – Workbooks you create or are shared with you 

  • My Templatesshijain13_3-1617411023679.png – Templates you create or are shared with you

Each tab has a full list and a total count for that type. 




2. The list provides a grid with

a) info on workbook/ template beyond just the name. This includes description, last modified date, Tags, home (subscription, resource group, region),  etc..

b) ability to sort on these elements (columns)




3. There is additional filter by resource group which applies to your workbooks and your templates. Note – currently it is possible to select only one subscription. When private workbooks are deprecated, it will be possible to select multiple subscription.


4. For each workbook there is an action ellipse that allows to 

  • View resource – Access Workbook Resource blade to get information such as resource id of the workbooks and/ or add tags to the workbook, manage locks etc 

  • Delete or Rename workbook 

  • Pin workbook to dashboard 

  • [coming soon] Copy Link 

5. It is now possible to select multiple workbooks and do a bulk operation like delete 


6. Community Git Repo on toolbar has a link to Azure Community Github Repo and in some special cases like Azure Security Center gallery it has addition link to it’s specific Repo 



7. Browse across galleries is retained and allows to search for any workbook or template by its name independent of its home or association to a resource/ gallery 


Learn more here and we would love to hear from you so share your feedback with us. 



Azure Workbooks Team







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