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We are pleased to announce the general availability of our Elevation API. For any given point on the Earth’s surface, the Elevation API returns its elevation measured from the mean sea level. Azure Maps Elevation API will provide pole to pole coverage with <4M absolute and <2m relative accuracy. The elevation data uses a digital terrain model (DTM), man-made entities (e.g., buildings) are artificially flattened and elevation is measured to the ground surface.


Use cases & API Types


Azure Maps Elevation API is designed to make it easy for developers to build various scenarios leveraging elevation data. The following options are offered along with POST methods to support input of large data.


Get Elevation for Point(s)

Get Elevation for Bounding Box

Get Elevation for Path/ Profile







Solar power plant planners can measure elevation across large number of points to determine ideal locations for placing solar panels.

Mining engineers can measure elevation at specified intervals in each given grid and perform cut/ fill analysis.

Fleet managers can measure elevation gain across routes and take appropriate safeguards e.g., refrigeration, braking etc.


API documentation and code samples



Elevation – REST API (Azure Maps) | Microsoft Docs


Elevation API Code Samples

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