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As the health industry continues its digital shift, one of the biggest challenges is how to ensure that traditional health data systems like EMR, PACS, Labs & Testing etc can interact with evolving health systems like IoMT, immunomics, SDOH data etc while keeping all the PHI data generated secure. We often find that there is a challenge with managing existing data sets and having multiple sources of truth regarding a patient’s data – each of these may be in a different format and UI. 


In this video series you will learn all about why FHIR is the key to building modern health solutions by focusing on data interoperability, what is the Azure API for FHIR and how it is built with security and compliance in mind. We will also walk you through different features of the Azure API for FHIR including CCD-A conversion, IoMT data, and how to ingest data . 


The first video in this series explains what FHIR is and why its the future of health data systems and solutions. 





Learn More about the Azure API for FHIR

Deploy the Azure API for FHIR

Data agility and open standards in Health




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