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The integration of Azure Advisor with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) means you can can get telemetry based – proactive + actionable – recommendations for your AKS clusters enabling you to follow best practices towards maintaining cluster hygiene.


This is the active set of Advisor recommendations for AKS –
– Use of Pod Disruption Budgets
– Expired Service Principals
– Unsupported Kubernetes Versions
– Expired cluster certificates
– Deleted OMS workspace for Azure Monitor


with more on the roadmap like –
– Resource requests/limits not set
– Namespace quotas not set
– Subnet running out of IP addresses
– Service address range overlapping with another CIDR range in the VNET


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Let us take a look at a couple of such scenarios and related recommendations –

Ensure cluster is running a supported version

I have a relatively older demo cluster running Kubernetes version [1.16.7] which means my cluster is out of support.
Not upgrading the cluster to a AKS supported Kubernetes version means missing out on one of the key reason to use managed service – support.
Also, there is the risk of running a cluster with crtitical security vulnerabilities.

Learn more about the version support policy here –
and the related FAQ section – here.

List the supported versions for your region with the Az CLI command

az aks get-versions --location canadacentral --output table





So, how does Azure Advisor help here ?

By providing a proactive recommendation based on detecting the unsupported version –



Pod Disruption Budget recommended

I have not setup PDBs for a set of my active deployments in the cluster – which means I essentially run the risk of application / service unreliability by not following the best practice.

More details of PDBs an related best practice here –

Azure Advisor now recommends as depicted –










Microsoft Videos : Bringing Kubernetes best practices to everyone | Video 1   | Video 2 


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