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Are you part of the Microsoft Power Platform community?


Want to shout about how Power Platform has changed your life from the rooftops? Ready to share about #LessCodeMorePower magic with other technologists at virtual events around the world?


With the massive popularity of Power Platform, there is also a growing need for Power Platform speakers from ALL backgrounds, speaking different languages and sharing their unique perspectives and stories with the broader community. This is why we’ve partnered with the Chief VolunTELLer @Dona Sarkar to create the brand new Power Circuit Speaker Bureau – a place where speakers passionate about Power Platform can exchange ideas/ speaker best practices, offer up speaking opportunities/gigs with one another and help build a solid speaker community that can spread critical knowledge about Power Platform worldwide. 


Learn about the new Power Circuit Speaker BureauLearn about the new Power Circuit Speaker Bureau

 Want to dive in? Here’s how to join the Power Circuit Speaker Bureau:

1. Download the Microsoft Community Mentors app (make sure you’re on the latest v3.0!)

2. Log in with your Tech Community credentials (Note: You will need to be a member of the Humans of IT Community). If you are not already a member, you will be prompted to complete your Tech Community registration and officially join the Humans of IT community.

3. Tap “Community” on the bottom row menu on the app

4. On the top menu bar, tap “Networks”

5. Scroll down to “Power Circuit Speaker Bureau”, and hit “Join Network”


That’s it! Once you complete the 5 steps above, you’re in! Now go #DoTheThing and help grow this community of speakers so that together, you can take on the world.




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