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The integration

Our integration with Universal Print by Microsoft enables dealers to provide customers with a cost-effective cloud-based print management service that is very easy to activate and simple to onboard. This, in turn, helps build even stronger client relationships, increases the chances of contract renewals, and creates a solid base for business growth.

MPS Monitor multi-tenant cloud service automatically syncs with Microsoft Azure Active Directory to activate the Universal Print service for each selected customer.

Once the service is active, the on-premises Data Collection Agent (DCA) is automatically enabled to work as a Universal Print Connector, avoiding the need to install any additional software or hardware components on the customer’s network.

Dealer and customer benefits

Dealers may enable customers using Microsoft 365 subscriptions to access Universal Print at no additional cost. As part of their MPS engagements, Managed Print providers can assist customers with managing Universal Print accounts as an additional value-added service — much in the same way as customers might employ a third-party to look after their emails and web servers.

A win for everyone

We believe giving dealers the tools to help customers transition painlessly to a cloud-based print management environment is a win for everyone. Customers will be grateful that many of the barriers previously associated with moving away from more traditional printer management models have been removed. At the same time, dealers have the chance to offer a new service to their client base and demonstrate that they are at the forefront of an evolving industry.

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