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We are closely working with Grafana to provide you with new Azure Monitor capabilities when using Grafana’s dashboards. The following list consists of the upcoming features and bug fixes.





      • Azure App Insights Alert error – tsdb.HandleRequest() failed to convert dataframe “” to tsdb.TimeSeriesSlice. #26897

      • AzureMonitor: map more units. #26990

      • Azuremonitor: do not set unit if literal “Unspecified”. #26839



Bug Fixes:

      • AzureMonitor: fix panic introduced in 7.1.4 when unit was unspecified and alias was used. #27113




      • AzureMonitor: select plugin route from cloudname. #27273

Bug Fixes:

      • AzureMonitor: Change filterDimensions property to match what is stored. #27459

      • Azure/Insights: Fix handling of legacy dimension values. #27513


7.3.0 (beta)


      • AzureMonitor: Pass through null values instead of setting 0. #28126

Bug Fixes:

      • Azure Analytics: FormatAs Time series groups bool columns wrong. #27713

      • Azure: Fixes cancellation of requests with different Azure sources. #28180


You can also find our full changelog here: 

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