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Discover real world techniques that empower individuals and teams to stay connected using Microsoft 365.  Join this webinar on Tuesday, November 17 and learn how to make the most of current and coming features for highly collaborative working and how to play to our strengths when we can’t all connect face-to-face.


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Walk through: 

  1. The shift to remote work now, blended next. Empowering workers

  2. What are the risks to collaborative team-working

    • Disconnected teams

    • Meeting overload

    • Bias to in-person working

  3. What are the opportunities?

    • Working to our strengths

    • Asynchronous working

    • Flexibility and preference

  4. Techniques to thrive as a connected team and Microsoft 365 to level the playing field (some new features in red)

    • Team manuals and charters (in wiki, OneNote), team virtual store (SharePoint)

    • Making meetings work

    • Opening up – inviting others 

    • Making the team a safe place

    • Posts and threads. The future of work


Speaker Bio

Andrew Pope is owner/partner of Consultancy Innosis in the United Kingdom (with Alister Webb in Australia), and advises large and medium-sized organisations throughout Europe and the USA on digital strategy and leadership, virtual team & community building, and how to leverage collaboration tools for business impact.

Andrew is currently advising a UK Government Agency on their blended working strategy for Microsoft Teams and a Dutch manufacturing firm on digital teamworking skills in Microsoft 365. He has also worked with some well-known organisations on their digital collaboration strategies as well as devising engagement programs. He also works as a facilitator, moderating two future workplace peer-to-peer groups, one in Oslo and one in Amsterdam

He has recently created a game to develop engagement and adoption strategies for digital teams, recently launched via a series of virtual interactive workshops and a chatbot for Microsoft Teams.

Andrew is also co-author, with Alister, of Designing Collaboration – a series of books and tools to boost digital collaboration, team and community building.

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