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We need you to help us level the playing field in higher education 


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We are a MSc student consulting team from Imperial College Business School London working on a project for Microsoft’s Open Sourced  auto-assessment Python Library, PyBryt.  


We consist of 5 team members, Yaw Kusi ArthurRohit Kumar LalwaniKarlan CorteseMilan PatelStepan Cherkasov and we’re interested in learning about educators in higher education’s perspective on auto-assessment tools. With your help, we aim to gain insights that would better PyBryt and, in the process, level the playfield of education!   

PyBryt is a free, Open-Source auto-assessment Python library for teaching and learning that offers meaningful feedback to learners, analysis of complexity within learner solutions, plagiarism detection and easy integration into existing organizational infrastructure.   

Find out more about PyBryt here With you help we can empower you as an educator. Click on the survey above now! 


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