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If you are curious about how to easily determine if your SQL is following best practices guidelines, you can watch the Data Exposed Live episode we did recently. We demo’ed SQL Assessment API and SQL Assessment Extension for Azure Data Studio (ADS).

Best Practices Assessment for Azure SQL VMs, Managed Instances, and SQL Servers | Data Exposed Live – YouTube


If you prefer scripting, SQL Assessment API PowerShell cmdlets give you an easy and flexible way to do an assessment. If you prefer a GUI solution, you can use SQL Assessment Extension. 



SQL Assessment API provides a mechanism to evaluate the configuration of your SQL Server, Azure SQL VMs, and Managed Instances for best practices. The API is delivered with a ruleset containing best practice rules suggested by SQL Server Team. The API is built with the intent to give a highly customizable and extensible solution. Users can tune the default rules and create their own. SQL Assessment extension for Azure Data Studio provides an interface for the API.


0:00​ Show begins

1:16​ Introductions

3:05​ SQL Assessment API Overview

6:30​ Results of an assessment

11:38​ Demo: SQL Assessment API

20:35​ Try for yourself in Github

23:00​ Demo: SQL Assessment Extension for ADS (for those who prefer a GUI solution rather than scripting with Powershell)

31:48​ Demo: How to customize existing ruleset to fits your needs (Powershell and JSON)

50:00​ Getting started

53:40​ Q&A


Some resources :

Docs online page

Rules and samples on GitHub – You can see all the rules in Defaultruleset csv file

Notebooks on GitHub – these have lots of examples on how to use the cmdlets

SQL Assessment Extension public preview blog post


Please watch the video, look at the resources listed above, and try it out. You can use github issues on our repo ( to reach out to us with any feedback.


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