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Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions builds on native Azure capabilities like Log Analytics and Workbooks to meet the monitoring needs for the teams managing the SAP on Azure estate. The solution also allows for easy creation of custom visualisations and custom alerting, Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions ships with default Workbooks than can either be used out of the box or extended to meet your requirements.


Today Service Providers often have credentials in the customers environments (Tenants) which they use to logon and manage the customers infrastructure, the consequence of this is that in order to manage another customers environment the service provider’s technician will need to re-authenticate with the credentials they are given to the new customer. With Azure Lighthouse it is possible to reduce the context switching by providing delegated access to the customer environment using the Service Provider’s credentials and not the customer specified credentials. 


Combining Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions with Azure Lighthouse a service provider can monitor the metrics of their SAP Solution using native Azure tooling and aggregate that across tenants.


For more information on how to use these two technologies together please read the attached whitepaper

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