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Mental health matters, especially during these challenging times as we navigate an unprecedented global pandemic. If you have burning questions about mental health or wellness, join us on 8/27 (all day, Pacific Time) for meaningful discussions about the topic, and ways to cope on this journey. 


Let's Talk Mental Health AMA - August 27, 2020Let’s Talk Mental Health AMA – August 27, 2020


This month, we’re thrilled to have three community representatives – Chris Gill, Jess Dodson and Alex Yates – across various countries including the US, Australia and the UK share about their own mental health journey, and steps they’ve taken to cope with anxiety, uncertainty, fear and change. Remember that you are not alone in experiencing these emotions – as a community, we can rally together to support one another and exchanging tips on self-care and mental wellness. To learn more about our AMA respondents, click here


Important note:  The responses shared by our community panel are their own personal opinions, and do not represent the views of Microsoft and its affiliates. It should not be regarded as professional medical advice either. If you need professional help, please refer to the below resources for more information. 





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We look forward to seeing your questions on August 27! 




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