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In September 2020, we announced that we are working with Microsoft on Universal Print integration. Epson is happy to share that we are ready to release Epson printers with built-in support for Universal Print from Microsoft.



Our Universal Print ready support is available by updating firmware according to the list of models below:


Support starting end of March 2021:

  • (Japan) PX-M7080FX, PX-M7090FX, PX-S7090X
  • (Other regions) WF-C878R, WF-C879R, WF-C878RB, WF-C879RB


Support starting May 2021:

  • (Japan) LX-10050MF, LX-10050KF, LX-7550MF, LX-6050MF
  • (Other regions) WF-C20600 Series, WF-C20750 Series, WF-C21000 Series




– Epson Universal Print

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