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Hello to all of our AWESOME readers that have helped us build the Premier Field Engineering TechCommunity blog up to have great content, great Q&A, and become one of the authoritative blogs on the TechCommunity site!


Due to some recent changes that you may or may not have heard about, we have decided to consolidate our efforts into the Core Infrastructure and Security TechCommunity in order to provide a more encompassing location for our readers to learn, grow, design, and most importantly (to me), fix things! All new content will be published to the Core Infrastructure and Security TechCommunity blog, and all existing content will be moved, barring no issues, on July 20, 2020.


The CIS TechCommunity is already an extraordinarily popular blog, and this will result in an excellent merger where Core Infrastructure and Security will not only cover its typical topics (Azure, Windows, Active Directory, core OS, clustering, performance, storage, MIM/FIM, System Center, etc), but will now also include those additional topics already covered within the Premier Field Engineering blog, to include our offerings content for workshops, health checks, and other arenas.

This is a change we are all really excited about, and we think you will find it only increases the depth of information you can find!


You might be saying to yourself at this point; “Brandon, am I going to have to update all of my bookmarks I have to the Premier Field Engineering TechCommunity content?”. The answer to that potentially daunting question/task is no, you should be redirected automatically. But, just in case, here’s an easy button:

If you happen to follow the RSS feed for the PFE TechCommunity (I’m looking at all of you 1.25 MILLION followers of the RSS feed!), that unfortunately will need to be updated. I apologize for the inconvenience on that front for sure!


We look forward to seeing all of our loyal readers over in the Core Infrastructure and Security TechCommunity, and remember, follow the Core Infrastructure and Security TechCommunity to get quicker access to content that can help you solve all your problems in the world! (Ok, not really, but as a team of nearly 600 people, we do try).


We’ll see you over there!


Thank you for reading, and we thank you for your continued support now and in the future!


Brandon “look I wasn’t as long winded this time” Wilson



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