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We sit in a lot of meetings and collaborate with a lot of people who are organizing and planning the Digital Experience of Microsoft Ignite – taking place ONLINE at on September 22nd through to the morning of the 24th (Pacific Time). It’s a free event open to all folks who are interested in what Microsoft is up to, targeting technical professionals, decision makers, students and startups. 


We thought we’d pull together all the useful information we can dig up from the 187 slide PowerPoint presentation and share the interesting nuggets with YOU. (we’re not kidding, it grows at least a half dozen slides or more twice a week). Welcome to the first edition of the Unofficial End User Guide to Microsoft Ignite


Keep on checking back periodically as we add more information and more videos as soon as we can share the information. 


Got a question about Microsoft Ignite? Feel free to comment below the posts and we’ll be happy to answer them or heck – we might even create a video answer for ya! 



Episode #1 – Go Register… why register?

In this entry of the Unofficial End User Guide of Microsoft Ignite, Patch and Switch talk about all things Registration.

Why should you register?

  1. It’s Free
  2. It’s Free
  3. Did we mention it’s free?

You need to register at in order to gain full access to all the content, all the digital breakouts and all the additional programming available during Microsoft Ignite.

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