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We have redesigned the Data Factory home page for a modern and more accessible (WCAG 2.1) experience. The new design is more fluid with better contrast and reflow capabilities. 

Additionally, we have introduced a few sections on the homepage to help you improve productivity in your data integration journey. Below is the breakdown of the new design elements.





  1. The “New” menu provides a shortcut to the various design surfaces for a quick start from the homepage.  

  2. Shortcut tiles are focused on use-cases and let you directly dive into the scenarios. 

  3. The “Discover more” section is coming soon! These are important resources intended to help you during your data integration journey.

  4. “Recent resource” helps you find out the recently created/ modified pipelines and artefacts to identify and open those quickly. 

  5. “Feature showcase” places a few of the latest announcements and integrations. 

  6. Resources” point to essential training videos, tutorials and community blogs.  

  7. Useful links” point to vital product links. You can submit feature requests using the ‘Give feedback’ page. ‘Questions and answers’ hyperlink gets you access to the community-run Q&A. 

  8. The “Set up code repository” banner reminds you to set up git if you have not already set it up. 


We have also updated the Data Factory blade in the Azure Portal, and the UI looks as below – 






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