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Hi Teams Community,

We’re back with another great addition to Support Diagnostics for Microsoft Teams.  @João Loureiro has written our first offering in the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer, the Teams Calendar App test.   


As you know, Teams and Exchange integration needs to be properly configured for users to get the full feature experience in Teams with Calendar functionality.  This new test will help you troubleshoot and test your Exchange On-Premises Hybrid configuration to ensure it’s properly setup for Teams users.


If you’re experiencing issues with the Calendar App missing in Teams, or getting odd error messages in the Teams Meeting Add-in for Outlook like “We couldn’t schedule the meeting.  Please try again later.” AND you have On-Premises Exchange server, you should use this diagnostic to help you troubleshoot.  


To access the new diagnostic, navigate to Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer, select Microsoft Teams, then click on the Microsoft Teams Calendar Tab test.  




You’ll need to enter valid credentials of an account with an On-Premises Exchange Server mailbox.  Keep in mind your end users can also perform these tests, you do not need to be an Administrator of your tenant.  In some scenarios you’ll want to work with your impacted end user to run the tests and collect additional data for Microsoft Support.  


At a high level the test checks a couple things:

  • The user is licensed and fully provisioned for Teams

  • The user’s mailbox is accessible via Exchange Web Services (EWS)

  • We can get items from the user’s Calendar

You’ll also want to go over the following documents carefully when configuring your environment or troubleshooting these issues:

How Exchange and Microsoft Teams interact

Configuring Teams calendar access for Exchange on-premises mailboxes

Troubleshoot Microsoft Teams and Exchange Server interaction issues


Please give the new diagnostic a try if you’re using Exchange Server On-Premises and having trouble with Teams users’ Calendar apps or Outlook add-ins for Teams Meetings and let us know if it helped?


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