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Managing and monitoring devices across your organization can be complicated, especially for small or medium businesses without dedicated IT staff. That’s why Surface partnered with Microsoft 365 and Intune teams to give you powerful insights that simplify managing and monitoring your devices. Our enhanced features make it easier than ever for IT admins to oversee devices via a premium dashboard experience.




Tailor-made experiences

Keep track of your Surface device inventory, view powerful insights, plan your Windows 11 update cadence, create support requests and place bulk device returns – all in one location. Using role-based access rights, we have set predefined access rights based on the M365 user’s role.




Optimized support process

Experience the enhanced process to create support requests for multiple Surface devices at once. The latest feature addition enables you to create a single requestfor multiple Surface devices for eligible device returns or repair needs.




Created to meet your needs where you are


  • Surface Management Portal: If your Surface devices are enrolled through Intune, they’re automatically enrolled into the Surface Management Portal. In Endpoint Manager, go to All Services > Surface Management Portal. This includes the comprehensive feature set of Intune and Endpoint Manager.

  • Microsoft Hardware Support Portal: If you have a Microsoft 365 subscription, you can have your support service needs fulfilled via the Microsoft 365 admin center.  In Admin center, go to Support > Microsoft hardware support. This does not require your devices to be enrolled through Intune.

Experience the Surface centralized solutions for IT today.



1. Single-request support feature for multiple devices may vary based on region and device model.

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