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A popular saying in Spanish is “camarón que se duerme se lo lleva la corriente.” It means “a sleeping shrimp will get swept away by the current.” Which turns out to be a great metaphor for avoiding scams: if you aren’t aware of those around you, you could fall for one.

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, help raise awareness in Latino communities, and among your friends and family, by staying on top of the latest scams. Just connect with the FTC and share what you learn with others.

Here’s how:

  • Subscribe to Consumer Alerts in Spanish or English to get what you really need to know: the signs of a scam and how to avoid it.
  • Follow the FTC on Twitter: @laftc (in Spanish) and @ftc (in English).
  • Order free copies of bilingual materials to distribute at events, clinics, community centers, workshops, and schools. Get them at
  • Report scams and bad business practices. Make an important difference in your community by reporting the scams you see at The FTC uses these reports to investigate, bring law enforcement cases, and alert people about what frauds to be on the lookout for so everyone can protect themselves, their friends, and family.

By connecting with the FTC, you’ll find a bunch of shareable resources in English and Spanish about avoiding scams.

Order early, order often, and keep in touch. By spreading the word, we all help protect each other from scams. Happy #HispanicHeritageMonth.

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