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Social Sessions with Mike GannottiSocial Sessions with Mike Gannotti  During last weeks session with Alfred Ojukwu we discussed how Microsoft Surface devices uniquely light up the remote work from home scenarios encountered by employees these days. This week we switched gears in the second part of a two-part series to address a topic with significant implications for individuals’ careers and aspirations.

In the Social Sessions with Mike Gannotti I sit down with Microsoft’s Alfred Ojukwu to discuss the importance of having a personal board of directors. This is a subject that Alfred is passionate about and which he frequently speaks on within Microsoft as well as to outside entities.


* The full unedited, machine learning, transcript can be read below.

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Transcript from Record Personal Board of Directors Social Sessions

Michael Gannotti9:15 AM

No agenda, no takes and no rooms. Social sessions with Mike Janani.

And we are back with another social sessions and this is part two of two without further adieu coup.

Alfred Ojukwu9:16 AM

Are do France right the the?

Michael Gannotti9:16 AM

But the.

You speak French.

Alfred Ojukwu9:16 AM

That is, we divide your problems there.

Michael Gannotti9:16 AM


Alfred Ojukwu9:16 AM

Yeah, Bob are.

Michael Gannotti9:16 AM

that’s all I can say. Jennifer Juniper, France.

Alfred Ojukwu9:16 AM

Using the power bar.

Michael Gannotti9:16 AM

Um, I took it in 7th Grade. I was not a good student.

Alfred Ojukwu9:16 AM

Oh my goodness, 7th grade doesn’t count. It has to be at least high school and.

Michael Gannotti9:16 AM

I will, I will say women. So do you take it in high school French?

Alfred Ojukwu9:16 AM

I took high school and college.

Michael Gannotti9:16 AM

I just

high school and college wow. Very cool. Any any particular reason?

Alfred Ojukwu9:16 AM




Ah, because I thought it would be something a challenging to do, and I did the I did it at the Middlebury School College, Middlebury College for summer intensive and then ever since then, this has been attached in mind, you know.

Michael Gannotti9:17 AM

Have have you gone where you have the opportunity to speak French?

Well, you got it.

Alfred Ojukwu9:17 AM

Yeah, I’m not as traveled as you are. I’m working on there, that’s when things I’m working on. I’ll get there so.

Michael Gannotti9:17 AM

Good good.

You need the yeah IA spent a bunch of time in France the last several years and it’s funny ’cause you know, as long as you can do enough to order food and make the effort. The people were super gracious. So I always heard about the French. When you go over there. Oh they don’t like it and they don’t like travelers and stuff. and I found every time if you made I just know a little bit you know and just enough to be able to ask a question or or something.

And then they say you speak English. It’s no problem. And then they were like just great. So it was awesome.

Alfred Ojukwu9:18 AM

You have.

Yeah, they usually just for you, so I think better off to just go ahead and speak English than to try to speak French all the time. So it’s just a just depends. So interesting.

Michael Gannotti9:18 AM

Yeah, so it was awesome. So here we are. This is Part 2 another. the French we’re going to be talking English today and last week we talked about devices and you were sharing and we had some pretty exciting news. I know this the other day. Internally I don’t want to give away numbers and stuff but we saw that devices in fact.

Huge interest, evidently this last year from customers.

Alfred Ojukwu9:18 AM

Yeah, I think it’s been huge because of, you know the work from home scenario. Making sure you have devices to you know be able to get connected while you’re at home and that’s been you know we’ve seen both frontline workers or people need it in the in the hospitals working with their patients and also just working from home. And some industries really have reduced staff. So in those industries there wasn’t necessarily an interest for devices, but it just depends.

Michael Gannotti9:19 AM



Alfred Ojukwu9:19 AM

Um, you know, just depends on the scenario so.

Michael Gannotti9:19 AM

So you know, it’s interesting when we talk about the work from home and devices. I was just thinking about this that it were often times right now. A lot of us have been very isolated from others and that means you’re only getting you know input.

More infrequently, via channels like we’re in now in teams, but you get more. You know a lot of that real personal input you get from your family and friends as you’re doing social interactions and other things, but.

Oh, I think it was a little over a week ago. You gave a presentation internally on personal board of directors and about creating this intentional environment.

Where an an.

No, I’m gonna let you go through it all but this this intentional piece where it’s really, I think of the you know, iron and steel, right? We use we sharpen and we because you know we sharpen our edges we become a better person by the input. Sometimes the friction that’s created through healthy.

Honest interactions.

But you have a whole approach to it that I I just found fascinating, so.

Alfred Ojukwu9:20 AM


Well, I think every time you say personal board of directors, I kind of perk up because even just hearing those words is really the first step in figuring out a.

What is it that I wanna do right and and really, the the challenge I have with each and every individual that?

Take this journey is to figure out who you know. Where are you? Where do you want to go? How do you want to get there? But most importantly, who’s going to help you get there? Because here’s the thing, you can’t do it by yourself, right? Everyone believes that you can actually get out there and just figure all these things out, but you’ve got people you gotta surround yourself with people that really are going to help you figure it out. So the session I did was around it was again. It was around finding the.

Michael Gannotti9:21 AM



Alfred Ojukwu9:21 AM

Environment that helps you succeed the most. That’s what I loved about it. You know what I mean so.

Michael Gannotti9:21 AM


Yeah, yeah, and it’s positive growth. I mean it’s it’s a.

It just for me the the the approach you took being very intentional about that and proactive. I thought it was phenomenal, and although it’s not tech.

It certainly applies to everybody who’s working in our field in technology, Healthcare, Life Sciences, an im just and life in general I think.

And we’re gonna stop recording.


Michael Gannotti stopped transcribing

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