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Make Insightful decisions with Social Media Analytics

Problem Statement

Imagine you are a product developer for a healthcare company who wants to find trending topics around your recently developed product. Or, you are a researcher for a company who wants to search around what is trending on the market to come up with new innovative product(s)..

You’ll first need to find a way to scrape different news sites and search popular social media platform, like Twitter, to find trending topics.

Also imagine, after all the scraping the company wants to map relevant geolocations, search through hashtags, find authors, translate languages in real-time and even run text analytics to retrieve sentiment analysis. Now you want to show this on a dashboard to make a case for your research to your business executive!


Possible solution…

In order to create this solution from scratch you’d need to create some sort of a web application to go and fetch different news sites (e.g. News API). Then authenticate/authorize yourself with Twitter and hit Twitter’s search endpoints. Store all this data and use it to hit the Bing Maps endpoint, then hit the Azure Cognitive Services to run translation and text analytics. Then, finally wrap it all up with mapping all the information on to the dashboard and visualize the result in PowerBI!

That’s a lot of time spent on development, integration, and design to get to the finished solution.


Enter… Social Media Analytics Solution!




Checkout the Github repo: microsoft/Azure-Social-Media-Analytics-Solution-Accelerator (

There will be a follow-up post with learnings!

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