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Security baseline for Microsoft Edge version 84


We are pleased to announce the enterprise-ready release of the security baseline for Microsoft Edge version 84!


We have reviewed the new settings in Microsoft Edge version 84 and determined that there are no additional security settings that require enforcement. The recommended settings from Microsoft Edge version 80 continue to be our recommended settings for Microsoft Edge version 84. That baseline package can be downloaded from the Security Compliance Toolkit.


Microsoft Edge version 84 introduced 18 new computer settings and 15 new user settings. We have attached a spreadsheet listing the new settings to make it easier for you to find them.


We are still seeking feedback on how often we should update the baseline package on the Download Center for Microsoft Edge if new security settings have not been added. Your feedback so far has been extremely helpful, and we are taking all that feedback into account.


As a friendly reminder, all available settings for Microsoft Edge are documented here, and all available settings for Microsoft Edge Update are documented here.


Please continue to give us feedback through the Security Baselines Discussion site and via this post!

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