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We are excited to be partnering with SWOOP Analytics to host our 2022 Yammer and Viva Engage Festival on December 7th! This event is for our customers to learn from each another and hear how to build culture and community in your own organizations. If you are launching and not sure where to begin or are curious to hear what’s on the roadmap for Viva Engage, there are sessions for you!



Agenda and Speakers 


This virtual event will span across European, Americas, and Asia Pacific time zones. Look at the agenda to see an idea of the types of stories and sessions that will be available and add them to your calendar! Feel free to attend sessions outside of your timezone.

 All sessions will be recorded to be able to watch on demand following the event. 


Customers from around the world are ready to share with you their experiences from all different types of industries and stages of adoption. Our speakers will share advice, tactics and best practices that you’ll be able to take and use at your organization. You’ll also hear directly from Microsoft and learn more about the future of Microsoft Viva.  Take a closer look at all the presenters here. 



Nominate your colleagues for the Community Champion Award 


The Yammer Community Champion Award is an opportunity to recognize passionate community managers around the world who are committed to employee engagement, knowledge sharing, and collaboration in their Yammer networks and communities. 

As part of the Yammer Community Festival, we will announce regional winners of the Yammer Community Champion Award. 


Can you think of anyone who deserves this title? Tell us who you think should win this award! 


Register today! 


Secure your virtual seat and register now! We’re running the event as an interactive Microsoft Teams meeting with Q&A enabled. Bring your questions and ideas as we want to make the chat component active, with many voices heard. Speakers are there to prompt conversations in chat and be prepared to unmute!   



How much does this cost? 

This event is free so invite your whole team! 


Who should attend? 

With the variety of backgrounds from our speakers and other attendees, most roles will be able to find a similar role from one our customers that supports the work you do, if you are in marketing, communications, sales, product development or IT. Join us!

  Can I attend a session outside of my time zone? 

Yes! Feel free to attend any session that fits your schedule, regardless of your location. 


Will sessions be recorded? 

Yes, sessions will be recorded and made available after the event. 


How many people can I nominate for the Community Champion Award?

We do not have a set limit for the number of nominations by organization or person. Feel free to nominate all the Community Champions you know! 


How many winners will there be and how will they know that they have won?

There will be one winner per regional session and winners will be contacted in advance of session that they have been ‘shortlisted’ as a top contender for the Yammer Community Champion Award. This is to ensure the winners are present to virtually accept their award.


What do the Community Champion Award members win? 

There will be custom merchandise sent to each award winner. 

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