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All of our work spaces are in the midst of drastic change. Whether you’re coming back to the office, working from home, planning for the future of collaboration, or some combination, there is a best practice out there for you and your organization. On Wednesday, October 14th, at 12 Noon EST, we teamed up with Poly to deliver a CollabCast with Sam and Pete, focused on finding the right meeting solutions for your workspaces.







  • Finding the right solution for every workspace

  • Microsoft Teams Solutions for

    • Mobile Workers

    • Phones for Desk/Office Workers

    • Small, Medium and Large Room Solutions

  • Poly Promotions to get you and your customers to Native Teams

  • Live Q&A


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John Famolari, Microsoft Solutions Architect, Poly



Briana Mateo, Microsoft Alliances Manager, Poly



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Sam Brown, Microsoft Teams Technical Specialist



Pete Anello, Senior Microsoft Teams Technical Specialist


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