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It’s that time of the week once again – Microsoft Reconnect! This week we are joined by five-time MVP Business Applications recipient José Antonio Estevan.


Hailing from Alicante, Spain, José lost his MVP status when becoming a full-time employee for Microsoft as Premier Field Engineer in the Business Applications domain for the EMEA region.


“I love how customers and partners are doing amazing things with our platform and discovering how far this platform can go with a good idea and the right implementation,” he says.


An important part of the MVP program is the community, José says, so joining Reconnect feels like an excellent extension of the friendships that have been formed. “I’m especially involved in events driven by the Dynamics community, and particularly in my country. That was my push when I was an MVP and I see with pride how this community is growing and evolving. So far, my favorite event is the Dynamics Saturday and I enjoy participating on the Spanish ones and contributing always I have the chance.”


“[Reconnect] has given me the chance to keep in touch with old fellow MVPs and keep the community feeling a bit longer,” José says.


Looking back on his time as an MVP, José remembers the feeling of one event in particular. “I’m convinced the best experience you get as an MVP is your first MVP Summit,” he says. 


“Personally, this experience allowed me to travel to the U.S for the first time, visit the Redmon campus, and learn from the trenches how the product I based my career on was built. That was truly inspiring and one of the biggest career motivators I’ve ever had.”


The Business Applications expert recommends new members to the program enjoy the journey instead of solely focusing on renewing the MVP award. “Just continue doing what you were doing to be awarded, what originally you decided you were having fun doing,” José says.


For now, Jose reports enjoying the process himself. “As long as I continue learning as the first time I was awarded as MVP, I hope I can enjoy the journey for a long time,” he says,


For more, visit José’s Twitter or blog.



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