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Welcome back to Reconnect, the biweekly series that catches up with former MVPs and their current activities. 


This week we are thrilled to be joined by none other than four-time Windows Mobile MVP Christophe Cordonnier! Hailing from Vendée, France, Christophe currently works as a systems and networks administrator. “I’ve always loved IT and I’m really happy to have my passion for my job,” Christophe says.


Christophe started his career about 35 years ago as a computer scientist with Windows 3.1 and Windows NT3.51. Today, he remains happy to work within the Windows ecosystem and in an industry that he enjoys.


Looking back on his time as an MVP, Christophe says he is proud to have worked with Windows Phone and attend two MVP Summits. “Those summits were without a doubt the ‘best computer moments’ that I have experienced in my life, so thanks Microsoft for that!”


“It’s a shame that Microsoft no longer offers Windows Phone because they were without a doubt the best smartphones on the market.”


Nonetheless, Christophe maintains his passion for all things mobile with his website Smartphone France, which has been sharing the latest and greatest in cellular tech since 2002. 


Speaking to the next generation of MVPs, Christophe recommends: “Be yourself and above all do it for fun. If you do things for fun you will become very good and can go very far.”


“I am proud today to be part of this Reconnect community. It’s really nice of Microsoft to keep in mind the ‘old guys’ and keep the passion and spirit alive!”


For more on Christophe, check out his Twitter @spfrance

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