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Spring is the #1 framework for Java and millions of developers love using it. Spring Boot and Spring Cloud provide a robust platform for developing and operating microservice applications. The challenge many developers face is having to create, configure, and maintain Spring Cloud infrastructure. Setting up scaling, installing and managing multiple components, and wiring up the application to your logging can be complex and take time away from working on your apps.


That is why VMware and Microsoft teamed up to create Azure Spring Cloud – a fully managed service for Spring Boot and .NET Core apps operated by Microsoft. Azure Spring Cloud makes it easy to get your apps to production. Azure Spring Cloud abstracts away the complexity of infrastructure and Spring Cloud middleware management, so you can focus on building your business logic and let Azure take care of dynamic scaling, security patches, compliance standards, and high availability.


With a few clicks, you can provision an Azure Spring Cloud instance. After configuring a couple dependencies in your POM file, your Spring Cloud app is automatically wired up with Spring Cloud Config Server and Service Registry. Furthermore, you can deploy and scale Spring Boot applications in seconds.


Sounds great right? I bet you’re wondering how you can learn more. Microsoft and VMware have you covered with a webinar and workshop series where you can see how easy it is to get up and running with Azure Spring Cloud. It’s free and open to all – just register for using the links below. We’ll see you there!



Rapid Development with Azure Spring Cloud Webinar and Workshop


Webinar date/time: April 15 – 11:00 AM PDT and then available on-demand

Register: Sign-up now

Join Josh Long (Developer Advocate at VMware) and Julien Dubois (Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft) as they provide an overview of Azure Spring Cloud and demo some of the topics that will be covered in the hands-on workshop. You’ll see how to: 

  • Deploy an application using a JAR file or code.

  • Scale up and down based on load or schedule using Autoscale.

  • Monitor your apps with logs, metrics, and tracing using Application Insights.

  • And more! And it can all be done in just a few minutes.


Workshop date and time options:

  • April 21 – 11:00 AM PDT | 2:00 PM EDT

  • April 28 – 12:00 AM PDT | 8:00 AM BST

  • May 5 – 6:00 PM PDT | 9:00 AM SGT

Register: Sign-up today

Join the experts from VMware and Microsoft at this virtual event will give you an introduction to Java and Spring microservice architecture and application development You will:

  • Create an Azure Spring Cloud cluster and build Spring Cloud microservices that use Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Database for MySQL.

  • Configure a Spring Cloud Config server that is managed by Azure Spring Cloud and set up application logs to easily troubleshoot common issues.

  • Put it all together to create a complete microservice stack and learn how to make microservices talk to each other for efficient communication.

  • And more!

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