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This week in Azure Data Factory, mapping data flow is getting two new features!


The rank transformation is a new schema modifier data flow transformation that allows you to generate an order ranking based upon different sort conditions. Choose whether or not you wish for the sorting to be case sensitive or if you want a dense rank! Learn more from our rank transformation documentation.




When running the above configuration on basketball data provided by on the 2019 NBA season, the following “pointsRanking” column is generated:



The find() function takes is a new function takes in an array and a filter condition and returns the first value that satisfies that condition.


For example, say you have an integer array [10,20,30] and want to find the first value that is greater than 10. In mapping data flows, you can enter find([10, 20, 30], #item > 10) and the output would be 20. 


For more information, see the mapping data flow expression function reference.

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