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Azure Purview expands on the Non-Microsoft Connectors supportability. In addition to the numerous Azure sources supported today, customers can now register and scan from various databases like Teradata and Oracle. Azure purview also supports ERP sources like SAP S/4HANA and SAP ECC.




Functionalities Supported

1. Register and Scan: Once the sources are registered, customers can now run a full scan on all these sources. For Teradata and Oracle sources, customers can either scan their entire database or scope scans based on schema names. 

2. Classify: Customers can manually classify the data assets in these sources

3. Lineage: In addition to the lineage obtained from ETL tools like Azure Data factory, Azure Purview can now fetch lineage between the data assets for these sources. As shown below, the SAP View has two tables as upstream sources. The view query used to fetch from these two tables will also be represented in the lineage view.



Permissions and access

  1. Purview Data Source Administrator can register and trigger scans on these sources.

  2. In addition, the Data Source Administrator should be a Data Reader or a Data Curator as well.


What’s coming next

Stay tuned for the ability to automatically classify the data from these on-premises sources as we will have more information to share soon!


Get started today! 

For detailed information on how to register and setup a scan, please refer to the below how-to-guides:

  1. Teradata: Register and scan Teradata source

  2. Oracle: Register and scan Oracle source 

  3. SAP S/4HANA: Register and scan SAP S/4HANA source

  4. SAP ECC: Register and scan SAP ECC source

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