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We are excited to announce Azure Files integration with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Kerberos for hybrid identities. With this release, identities in Azure AD can mount and access Azure file shares without the need for line-of-sight to an Active Directory domain controller.


Until now, Azure Files supported identity-based authentication over Server Message Block (SMB) through two types of Domain Services: on-premises Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) and Azure Active Directory Domain Services (Azure AD DS). On-premises AD DS requires clients to have line-of-sight to the domain controller, while Azure AD DS requires deploying domain services onto Azure AD and domain joining to Azure AD DS. Azure AD Kerberos is a new addition to these identity-based authentication methods. Azure AD Kerberos allows Azure AD to issue Kerberos service tickets over HTTPS for service applications in Azure AD. This removes the need to setup and manage another domain service, while also removing the line-of-sight requirement to the domain controller when authenticating with Azure Files. For this experience, the clients connecting to Azure Files need to be Azure AD-joined clients (or hybrid Azure AD-joined), and the user identities must be hybrid identities, managed in Active Directory.


This experience builds on what we previously announced for FSLogix profiles support. Now, the experience is much simpler, and the use cases are no longer limited to Azure Virtual Desktop user profiles.




To learn more and get started, visit our documentation page.

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