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In this series of articles, we will present Premier Services Offerings around Power BI. In this one we will present the Power BI Assessment.




Are you sure that your Power BI tenant follows Microsoft Best Practices? Are you noticing performance problems within your Premium dedicated capacity? Do you know how many users are consuming your reports? The Premier Services Offerings Power BI Assessment can answer these questions and more.


Power BI Assessment overview


Power BI Assessment is a proactive service delivered by a Microsoft accredited engineer to diagnose potential issues with your Power BI environment. Assessment is supported on both the Power BI Service (cloud) and Power BI Report Server (on premises) Engineer will provide valuable guidance on recommended practices to improve the health of your Power BI environment. At the end of this engagement, you will receive a comprehensive Power BI report with results of the assessment, a detailed best practice guidance deck and a summary report tailored to your environment.





The deliverables include:

  • Comprehensive Power BI report with results of the assessment.
  • Power BI best practice guidance slide deck
  • Executive Summary report
  • Knowledge transfer on Power BI recommended best practices
  • Remediation planning guidance
  • Data collection scripts

Note that, the assessment will be even more valuable if you have Power BI Premium…


Some Key Focus Areas:

  • Premium Capacity Metrics App
  • Power BI Activity log
  • Power BI Admin APIs – Workspaces, Reports, Datasets, Dashboards, Embed Codes and more.
  • Power BI Tenant settings
  • Security and Governance
  • Power BI Report Server – execution logs, catalog database, performance counters and more.


Screenshot of some of the pages from a sample output repot below:











This service has already been delivered many times across the globe and received positive feedback. We continuously improve the content based on customer and engineer feedback.




Road Map


Some of the planned improvements in upcoming releases listed below:

  • Collection of additional Premium capacity metrics 
  • Include data collection and metrics for Dataflows
  • Include data collection and metrics for all Gateways in the tenant
  • Other general improvements in data collection and reporting


Follow up and feedback


For further information, please contact your Microsoft Account Representative, Technical Account Manager (TAM) or Service Delivery Manager (SDM).


To improve our workshop, we always consider feedback from you. At Microsoft, achieving a high level of satisfaction among our customers and partners around the world is a core component of our business. For that reason, don’t hesitate to complete the surveys and provide feedback.


Special thanks and credits to the development team:

  • Batuhan Yildiz, PM, ASD from USA
  • Raghu Prasad B R, Data & AI PFE from USA
  • Rick Meijvogel, Data & AI PFE from Netherlands
  • Romain Casteres, Data & AI PFE from France
  • Sajas Salahuddeen, Data & AI PFE from USA
  • Tincy Elias, Data & AI PFE from UAE
  • Viktor Radu, Data & AI PFE from USA


Thanks to Sajas Salahuddeen and Raghu Prasad B R for this article review. 

Author: Romain Casteres, Senior Data & AI Premier Field Engineer based in Paris, France. 



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