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If you’re an IT admin, the Microsoft 365 Message center is your go-to place for news about upcoming feature releases, updates, and maintenance. But Message center posts can be hard to manage and easy to lose track of—and that’s where Microsoft Planner comes in. In September, we announced Planner integration with the Message center, which lets you sync updates from the Message center to a Planner plan. This means you can automatically create Planner tasks from Message center posts to help you manage upcoming changes and any related to-dos. 


We’re pleased to announce that this integration is also available for all Microsoft 365 and Office 365 GCC customers. Availability for GCC High and DoD customers is tentatively scheduled for the early part of 2021. 


message center planner.png


You can learn more about Planner integration with Message center on our dedicated support page. 

If you’d like to keep up with all things Planner, our Tech Community Blogs page is the perfect place for learning about the latest announcements. You can also leave us suggestions for improving your Planner experience on UserVoice. And if you’re new to Planner, our support page will help get you started. 

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